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Over time, we have come across so many tips, suggestions and how-to’s that there just isn’t enough space on the resources page to share it with you.

If you read it on Nell, and can’t find it, this is the place to look.  you can type in search term or just browse the content.

4 Tips to Building Your Best Nell Profile

Now that you’ve taken the first step in making new female friendships, we’re here with helpful tips on setting up your profile to make the most of your Nell account!  Your profile is crucial to your success on the Nell app because it says who you are and what...

8 Tips for a Safe Meetup

Have you been spending some time connecting with people on the Nell app and have made some friends? If you’ve found other women who live nearby and it turns out you have mutual interests–congratulations! Maybe now you’re considering taking the next steps and meeting...