I’m Not Getting Any Matches! 4 Reasons Why and How to Fix Them

It can be a lot of fun to hop on to the Nell app, look through the profiles of users, and find a new friend. Unfortunately, if other users don’t think you’re a possible match, they won’t give your profile a thumbs up. This means you won’t see many matches. In this blog, we address four reasons why you might not be getting matches and how to fix them, so you can make new connections and genuine friendships. 

#1: Your Profile Looks Incomplete

An incomplete profile is the number one reason why other Nell users bypass a profile. Without any details, a short bio, a photo of yourself, or a few interests listed — your profile won’t have enough information to pique someone’s interest. This will likely prompt a thumbs down from other users. Your profile needs to be complete and engaging. Think about your profile from a stranger’s perspective. Are you showing enough of yourself to allow others to feel like you could be a good match? The best part about the Nell app is that we have made the profile creation process really simple. If you want more tips on how to build the best Nell profile, check out this blog

#2: What’s Your Meet-Up Preference?

It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a new friend and make it clear on your profile. If it’s not obvious to other users that you are interested in meeting up in person, your profile may be overlooked. Include a short call-out on your profile or indicate in the interests section what your meet-up preference is. This way you can connect with other women who have a similar preference. 

#3: Your Profile Needs a Refresh

If you’ve downloaded Nell and had the app for a while without seeing any new matches, it may be time to give your profile a little bit of a refresh. Editing your bio with updated information, reviewing your interests again, and uploading a new photo may help you get thumbs up from other users. We recommend keeping the info on your profile fresh, accurate, and genuine to attract and connect with like-minded women. Remember, new people are joining Nell every day and others are checking back in periodically. Don’t give up if it’s not happening right away. 

#4: Boost Your Usage

Downloading the Nell app is the first step, but if you don’t use it you won’t see very many matches. Be sure to check in on the app every now and then. And we recommend only giving thumbs up to users that you’re interested in getting to know more. Unlike other apps (i.e. Tinder and Bumble), swiping on everyone is not guaranteed success. Currently, the app allows users to see all potential matches; however, we will eventually limit the number of matches shown in order to encourage more interaction between like-minded and geographically close users. So, when you do get a match it’s important to respond and engage with that person. 

The Takeaway

We applaud you for taking the first steps in putting yourself out there to meet new friends (because we get it, it’s not always easy). Don’t get discouraged in the friendship-making process as it can take time. Research shows it can take people on average around 50 hours to make casual friends. And after two years of shutdowns and restrictions, it’s harder now than it’s ever been before to create and maintain meaningful friendships. But it’s not impossible and a lot of other women are ready to get out and enjoy life again. This is why we created Nell. The app helps to streamline the friendship-making process. As more women join the Nell community, we’ll introduce you to the ones you need to meet. 

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