4 Tips to Building Your Best Nell Profile

Now that you’ve taken the first step in making new female friendships, we’re here with helpful tips on setting up your profile to make the most of your Nell account! 

Your profile is crucial to your success on the Nell app because it says who you are and what kind of interests you have. Other users on the app use that information to help them decide if they want to give your profile a thumbs up, which could lead to matches and meeting new friends in person. This sounds like a lot of pressure, but don’t worry. We’ve made the profile creation process really simple. Here are just a few tips that will help you get started!

Tip # 1: Include a photo!

Your photo is your first impression, most people get a sense of who others are by the way they look. Showing off a smile and whole face (without a filter) is the best practice. We recommend a classic, well-lit selfie. We also suggest omitting photos that show you in specific locations that you frequent, for example, your go-to restaurant or favorite dog park. In the Nell app, you can choose to take a selfie when setting up your profile or choose a photo of yourself from your photo gallery. 

If you’re not comfortable with sharing a photo of yourself on the app just yet, you can choose a photo of your pet or something else that can showcase your personality. Keep in mind that your choice of photo will have an impact on whether other Nell users will give your profile a thumbs up or thumbs down. Without a photo of yourself, it may be more difficult to generate matches and subsequently make friends. Think of it this way, would you be comfortable meeting someone in person if you didn’t get the chance to see their face? Using at least one clear photo of your face establishes a level of comfort with your potential match. 

Tip #2: What’s Your “Why?”

It’s important to understand what you’re looking for in a new friend, and how much capacity you have for the friendship. If you’re comfortable, share why you’ve downloaded Nell, as it may be a great way to connect with other women on the app. A good rule of thumb to follow: make sure your profile is 2/3 about you and 1/3 about what you’re looking for. But, be sure you’re authentic! Don’t write what you think people want to hear, write what matters to you. Whether you’re looking for someone to go on weekly walks with or a new friend who might want to travel with you — be upfront and honest. That’s how you’ll find others who share your interests and passions to help foster genuine friendships that fit your lifestyle.

Tip #3: Your Profile Should Reflect Your Personality

Initiating a conversation can seem very intimidating, and profiles with limited information make it even harder for others to know how and where to start a conversation. Your bio section should include enough information to tell who you are, how you spend your time, what piques your interest, anecdotes, and/or examples of your knowledge, experience, and culture. This can go a long way in showcasing who you are — as well as providing interesting conversation starters! 

Tip #4: Be Positive!

Avoid using your profile real estate to talk only about what kind of friend you don’t want. Using cynical, bitter, or pessimistic language will make finding matches very difficult. Including a disclaimer can seem very closed off. Most people don’t gravitate towards negativity, so it’s important to be positive and focus on creating a good (and honest) first impression. Focusing on positive energy will help you attract and connect with like-minded women, making it easier to determine who is a good fit and who isn’t. 

We know creating new, meaningful connections isn’t always easy, but now you have Nell on your side. As more women join, this app will introduce you to the ones you need to meet. Check out more blogs and other resources by the Nell team here