A Friendship App  Just for Women

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Nell is a community of women working together to foster meaningful friendships. This is the best friendship app for women to find friends because it was built by women, for women entering new chapters in their lives and looking for friends to join them on the journey. The Nell friendship app is a safe, easy, reliable way to find and make new friends in your immediate area or while travelling.

We know firsthand how hard it can be to build meaningful friendships. Finding friends takes time and effort, and if you’re tired of having several acquaintances but not many genuine connections, this friendship app is for you. Nell streamlines the friendship-making process by highlighting other women looking for friends with similar interests. We believe every woman deserves to find her community — no matter her age or life stage, and Nell is here to introduce you to the women you need to meet.

This friendship app is where friendships take off and communities are created.

Do you need a golfing partner for a quick round in a new city?

Want to check out a new restaurant in town (but hate eating alone)?

Would you like to see a new show but don’t have anyone to go with? 

Find women who like what you like and do what you do.  
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Who is Nell for?

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The Nell app is for every woman ready to find more friends. Whether your new chapter involves a new location, career, or stage of life — Nell can help you find women with similar interests or situations that will support you. Nell is for women with open minds who are ready to do something for themselves, and realize that great friendships make us all stronger.

How does Nell work?

Nell matches up women with similar interests and hobbies within the mileage radius set in the app. Without overwhelming users, a few different profiles are featured. Simply give each profile a thumbs up or thumbs down. If both profiles receive a thumbs up, you can strike up a conversation and plan to safely meet up.

Why do I need Nell?

Do you feel isolated and disconnected from your community? Not enjoying your hobbies the way you’d like? Unsure of how to step outside of your comfort zone? You need Nell. Friendship is one of the most important pillars of life, and one of the most difficult things to foster. Every woman deserves to find her community and flourish in it.

Where is Nell?

The Nell friendship app “officially” launched in Washington, D.C. in June. Due to the overwhelming demand, we have recently expanded Nell nationwide . In addition to DC/VA/MD area, our largest markets are currently in Boston, New York and Denver. If you are not in one of these markets, don’t worry, we are coming to you soon!

Whether you want to check out some local art at Culture House DC, take in a Broadway show, or do some shopping at Faneuil Hall — download the Nell friendship app and find a friend to join you.


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Is Nell Safe? 

The safety of the Nell community is our highest priority. We will never share your personal information with other users or sell your data to third-parties.

We highly encourage you to be cautious when sharing personal information and meeting up with newly matched friends. We also suggest omitting photos that show you in specific locations that you frequent, for example, your go-to restaurant or favorite dog park.

Do not hesitate to use the Block and Report features in the Nell app. We review all reports to keep out spam, fake profiles, and anyone who violates our community guidelines. All reports are completely anonymous, so a reported user will never know who flagged their account.

When using the Nell friendship app, we have implemented multiple safety features, intended to protect users while they’re matching, including 6-factor authentication, password protection, and profile photos.

Is Nell Free?

Currently, Nell is being offered for free to build the subscriber base.  Early adopters will get to try the platform at no initial cost. 


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Nell is currently unavailable while we make some product upgrades to improve user safety and experience. Please leave your email to be notified when we relaunch our improved product
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